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Rent a car in Minsk, car rental service!

Rent a car with a driver in Minsk (taxi service)

We offer fast and reliable driver service to and from Minsk airport, railway terminals and bus stations. We can also arrange transfers from Minsk to any destination in Belarus and backward. Our drivers are trained to the highest standards, speak fluent English.
taxi driver service, airport transfers

- Airport transfers
(MSQ Minsk International Airport)
- Driver service in Minsk



Rent a car without a driver

As you may know driving in Minsk is not the same as driving in other European capital cities. You won’t spend much time in the traffic once you rented a car, petrol price is quite low and the road police won’t make many problems. Renting a car in Belarus is so different from using a taxi all the time. First of all you are going into a private Minsk drivers’ society which has its’ own features and traditions. Secondly you’re not fooled by those taxi drivers who like to take double price from a foreign person and you do not need to wait on the street to catch a cab. Finally if you meet a beautiful lady in Belarus you can easily take her to several nice places driving around the city in the private and romantic atmosphere.

You are welcome to rent luxury cars in Minsk such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus or Chrysler. You get the same flexibility and comfort in Belarus as you have back at home using our rental cars. Renting a car in Minsk is very comfortable for having a great private freedom. We provide English GPS with the cars, that’s why driving is so enjoyable. It does not matter if you decide to go to the countryside or stay in the city, any town in Belarus can be reached by car within 2-3 hour drive from Minsk. Renting a car with a driver is also possible but it’s more expensive especially if you would like to have 24-hour assistance. Keep in mind that having your own driver is much more respectable than asking for a taxi all the time. We are glad to provide accommodation and cars for rent as well in order to leave the best memories about Minsk.

See below approx rates per day for car rent in Belarus:

WV Polo
Toyota Corolla
Kia Rio
Audi A4
Audi A6
Mercedes Benz C-Class
BMW 5 series
Hyundai Santa Fe


We have some other cars available as well. For more information please contact us!

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