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The most unusal hotels in the World

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 15:06
amazing hotels

It is a common knowledge, that an average tourist doesn’t expect something out-of-the ordinary from his or her hotel. A satisfactory level of comfort, good service quality and welcoming stuff would do.

But what should a sophisticated traveler who is fed up with this commonness do? And by the way, as a result of the globalization and the development of international tourism we want more and more these days. We need some entertainment that will help us survive the drudgery of our working days.

Well, modern hotels offer enough attractions to satisfy our lust. We can be attracted by an unusual range of services and features offered by hotels, or their extraordinary design and surroundings. One may be smitten by the architecture of this or that hotel and the other may appreciate a personal approach to the client. All in all, each can find something according to their own preferences.

We will begin our list with the most unusual hotel services.

There is the "Palazzo Magnani Ferroni" hotel in Florence, Italy, for example. Here while checking in tourists will be asked about the flavor they prefer. And here they are, smelling this very flavor in their hotel rooms. A peasant trifle, isn’t it? New York hotel "The Benjamin" is famous for taking care of the guests’ sleep. There is a special man here who walks around the corridors at nights and controls the maintenance of silence. And when you stay in London "Hyatt Hotel", you will feel as if you are back to your childhood. Here like in your childhood you can be told a bedtime story. This very service has become so popular with clients that the managers are now thinking of inviting celebrities to tell these fairy tells to their guests.

Now let’s talk about the most unusual hotels in general.

Nowadays there are plenty of them and the number is constantly increasing.There is a peculiar attraction in "Malmaison Oxford Castle" which is situated in Oxford, Great Britain. This British boutique-hotel is situated in a reconstructed prison, which was built in the Victorian era. There is also a beer restaurant and several bars in the hotel.

amazing hotel prison


"The Icehotel" in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden is also worth to have a look at. It is, by the way, the first ice hotel in the world. It is built anew each year and welcomes its’ quests from December till April. Everything but for your berths is made of ice here. “Palacio de Sal” which is in Bolivia is also quite extraordinary. It is located at an altitude of 3650 meters and is built entirely of salt blocks. The main rule for the guests is not to lick the walls!

amazing ice hotel


Or maybe you are more attracted by posh and luxurious places with expensive design and mighty interior?

Well, "Royal Suite, Four Seasons George V", which is situated in Paris, France is just what you need. It is exceptionally luxurious and a night here will cost you $16,000.

luxury four season hotel in paris


You are not ready to splash out but still appreciate beauty and like to stay away from big cities bustling with cars and people, aren’t you? Or maybe you prefer the company of your very self and the nature? Then the hotel "Ubud Hanging Gardens" in Bali, Indonesia will be ideal for you. The main highlight of the hotel is its’ two-storied boundless water pool. You should really see this splendid feature!

amazing pool hotel bali


We can surely dwell on the topic of hotel attractions for ever as the sphere of international tourism has never been so popular before. Hotel managers all over the world are trying hard to come up with new inventions and ideas so as to attract more and more guests. Now you can easily choose something that will suit you in particular and that will satisfy your every demand even from the financial point of view.

Probably it's time to open a fancy hotel in Minsk! :)

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