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What do you know about The Victory Square?

Monday, 14 April 2014 11:26

The Victory square is not only one of the most famous and important Minsk squares but it is also the dearest one to our people. You may wonder why.
Well, the answer is simple. There is a special monument there which was erected to commemorate the glorious victory of our people in the great patriotic war, their courage, strength and a feeling of duty.

The square is located at the intersection of the Nezavisimosti Avenue and Zakharova street . The Victory square is situated at the metro station which bears the same name. So you will find no difficulty in getting there.

And now some facts about the monument itself.

It was erected in 1954. The monument is a 38 meter tall granite obelisk which has a three-meter image of the Order of Victory on its top. There is also a sacred sword of Victory on the pedestal of the obelisk. An eternal flame was lit at the foot of the monument on July 3, 1961 and the pedestals with the capsules of hero-cities soil were installed here on July 1, 1984. In the subway of the Victory square station there is also a memorial hall. All its parts combined the monument looks very solemn and majestic. You can immediately feel all those deep feelings which architects put in it.

On the square itself there are also a lot of cafes where you can enjoy tasty food and delicious drinks. Gorky park nearby will make your walk even more enjoyable. So we welcome you to stroll along the Victory square and appreciate the glory of our past and adore the beauty of the modern and green city at the same time.

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