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Winter activities in Minsk

Wednesday, 19 December 2012 22:48
winter activities in minsk

Winter... -20C outdoors, knee-deep snowdrifts, sleet streets and a lot of things to do and to try in Minsk. Winter is not the reason for you to stay at home and waste the time under a warm blanket. It’s just the right time to feel real fun and spend your trip here hot. Do you know that winter is best season for party-life, concerts, performances and theatres, moreover it’s the best period to try traditional Russian bath, experience world-famous ice diving and get to know winter fishing closer, not mentioning skiing, snowboarding or skating. Here we go, my friends – the most popular winter activities that won’t let you get bored.

1. Belarusian ski centers

Silichi, Raubichi, Logoisk... If you are crazy about winter skiing, skating, snowboarding, snowmobile riding, snowblades you will find it all in the local ski centers. There you can spend time on your own, upgrading your skills or you can get a qualified instructor.

Distance from Minsk: Silichi - 32 km, Raubichi – 20 km, Logoisk – 40 km.

ski resorts in belarus silichi


2. Russian banya

It’s impossible to describe how great it is. Nothing can be compared with a traditional steam sauna with birch brooms, especially when you stay there for half an hour and then run out and jump into a snowdrift. Take care of snacks and some alcohol like beer or vodka. But NEVER drink before you finish all this banya stuff.

russian banya and sauna in winter


3. Christmas nightlife

Check the variety of New Year parties in Minsk with girls in sexy winter outfit, New Year decorations, miracle-like mood and special winter menu. All the clubs, coffee shops and restaurants have something special on offer. Imagine how cool it would be to sit in some cozy cafe, drink your favorite coffee or wine and listen to “Let it Snow” by Dean Martin. What a wonderful time, isn’t it?

new year parties in minsk

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