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Who is visiting Belarus for touristm?

Friday, 28 June 2013 11:46
tourists visiting belarus

Belarus is not a very popular tourist destination, but those who come here never leave disappointed. The World Travel and Tourism council provided the data of the annual investigation according to which Belarus was included in the Top-10 countries with the fastest growing popularity in travel.

Every year about 6 million foreign guests visit the country for many reasons. Some are visiting friends; some are coming for city nightlife and entertainment; some come for historical sightseeing and also nature and beautiful local landscapes. Russian tourists actively visit reservations but unfortunately this pleasure is available only during warm months. Last years the rest on various farmsteads has become more and more popular, especially among guests from Russia. By the way, Russians form the greatest part of all visitors to Belarus – about 80%. It can be explained by lower prices and the proximity. Many Russians travel to Belarus to use the gambling industry.

Top countries of numbers of tourists visiting the Republic of Belarus in 2012 were:

  1. Russia
  2. UK
  3. Turkey
  4. Poland
  5. Germany
  6. Lithuania
  7. Italy
  8. Ukraine

Belarus is situated in the crossroads of main international rootsin the heart of Europe and many people appear there in transit. More than half of travel, namely 60.5%, accounted for visits by private invitation, 25% - transit visas, another 7% of the foreigners arrived in Belarus for business reasons. Only 1% of foreigners have crossed the Belarusian border with tourist visas.

Why westerns are rare in Belarus? There're some main reasons which prevent the tourists feel comfortable: poorly developed infrastructure, English isn’t common, complicated visa obtaining. Also obviously people abroad know little about Belarus, but one day it cannot be but noticed because of its powerful potential.

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