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Top 5 expensive hotel rooms in Minsk

Sunday, 01 July 2012 02:57
top 5 hotels Minsk

Show business stars, businessmen and politicians come to Minsk and usually stay at luxury hotels. It’s peculiar to note that an average citizen of Minsk can’t afford to even stay the night at a luxury hotel suite on their monthly wages which are currently 560 dollars. So let’s take a look at the 5 most expensive luxury suites in Minsk.





5th Place. The Planeta Hotel: VIP-apartment

120 sq. metres
Price: 633 USD / night

planeta hotel apartment

planeta hotel best room

The “Planeta” Hotel’s VIP apartment has become the first top class suite in our country. All of its 5 rooms are decorated in Classical style with Italian furniture. The “Planeta” Hotel management say that the suite is always occupied. Belarusian celebrities don’t stay here, but foreign stars such as Hulio Iglesias and Patricia Kaas did. As for the Russian elite, actors Sergei Bezrukov and Oleg Menshikov, orchestra conductor Yuri Bashmet enjoyed their stay in the VIP-apartment.


4th Place. The Victoria Hotel: 3-room apartment

120 sq. metres
Price: 850 USD / night

victoria hotel 3 room apartment

victoria hotel best room

The “Victoria” Hotel present themselves as a business hotel for business tourists. It is most often visited by Russian, German and Italian businessmen. The apartment is usually taken 6 to 8 times a month, but there were cases when it happened 11 and even 15 times within a month. The most exotic guest of this hotel was a sheikh from one of the Arab countries who stayed at the 3-room apartment with his Belarusian wife and children for a whole month.


3rd Place. Minsk Hotel: VIP-suite

175 sq. metres
Price: 912 USD / night

Minsk hotel vip suite

royal suite in Minsk hotel

the best hotel room in Minsk hotel

minsk hotel bathroom

Despite the hefty prices, there were cases when the clients had to move in the reserved apartment. The “Minsk” Hotel is often visited by the political elite such as Russia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov and ex-Minister of Finance Aleksei Kudrin, and Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovich.

At the beginning of 2012 the hotel management lowered the price of the suite by 240 dollars to make the suite more affordable for the guests. Last year it costed 1120 dollars.


2nd Place. Crowne Plaza Minsk: VIP Suite

104 sq. metres
Price: 1,510 USD / night

the best hotel room in Crowne Plaza

the best minsk hotel

There are 115 rooms in the Crowne Plaza Minsk Hotel. The prices vary from 287 to more than 1,300 dollars. Crowne Plaza Minsk has 2 VIP suites, each has a lift. The only difference between them is the design – one is in blue colours while the other is in pink. There are 3 TV sets in the apartment, and the furniture was made by hand in Italy.

The VIP suites have two floors: 1st floor – the living room, study, sauna, bathroom; 2nd floor – bedroom and bathroom.

World famous bands Scorpions, Korn, 30 Seconds to Mars, and the singer Enrique Iglesias stayed here.


1st Place. The Europe Hotel: VIP Suite

124 sq. metres
Price: 1,510 USD / night

the most expensive hotel in Minsk

europe hotel president suite

5 star hotel room in Minsk

The “Europe” Hotel was opened in 2007. You will need to have at least 1,300 dollars to enjoy the view of the Town Hall from the window of the suite. Situated on the 6th floor, it is decorated with Belarusian furniture. The price, the management say, is influenced by the large room of the apartment, and the availability of a sauna and a study. The hotel management refused to disclose the names of their visitors.

World famous stars who drop by in Minsk from time to time prefer 5-star hotels. There are only two of them in Belarus – Crowne Plaza Hotel and the Europe Hotel.

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