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The thinnest apartment in the world!

Friday, 14 September 2012 19:15
World thinnest building in Warsaw

If you are searching for some changes in your life and if you are not afraid of crazy experiments, the new project in Warsaw is something that you definitely need! A new house is being built between two buildings in the center of Warsaw, but the terrifying fact is that the widest place in it is 1.21 meter and the narrowest - 0.71 meter. In spite of this, there will be a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a living-room. The living conditions in such place certainly require adaptability, as it is similar to as if you were living on the spaceship - the staircase is absolutely vertical.

So, those people who suffer from claustrophobia should forget about such kind of apartment. Nevertheless, as the main architect of the extraordinary building says, this place can be a great home for creative people. By the way, the first person who is going to test the house is a Jewish writer Etgar Keret. The building is planned to be opened on the 20th of October. Remember that our Minsk apartments are all wide and spacious!

unusual building in warsaw

thin building for creative people

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