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British company developed strange Minsk city logo

Thursday, 13 December 2012 00:08
think minsk new logo brend

Minsk got its new logo, however it got many controversial reviews among Internet users. Experts unanimously call this idea and slogan second-rate. In this article we'll try to figure out what all this fuss about...

Minsk logo was created by a British company INSTID, which had won the tender to develop Minsk brand in mid-June. The price for this new logo is around 30.000 USD! But what are the reasons why people and experts call this campaign threadbare?

First of all, it’s the choice concept itself. Experts say that this sky-blue color, the font and the idea is just a mirror image of a London logo. The system-board represents Minsk forwardness to innovations. On the Internet people underline that Belarusian capital has something interesting and unique to show, except urban unfriendliness.

And secondly, the slogan "Think Minsk"... The idea with the verb think is as old as time, try to persuade us designers and copywriters. Just remember those world known examples like "Thin Different" from Apple, "Think outside the bun" from Taco Bell, "Think Small" from Volkswagen, "Think" from IBM, "Think. Feel. Drive" from Subaru.

Minsk brand is planned to be developed till the end of 2012.  After the approval it will be used everywhere in the city from postcards and packages to the road signs and public transport.

The question is open: would YOU LIKE a sky-blue system-board with a second-rate slogan to be the symbol of Minsk?

think minsk slogan logo brend


think london logo brend

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