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President Hotel in Minsk (photo, prices)

Friday, 01 March 2013 14:15
president hotel

Since 2010 the hotel "Oktyabrskaya" (former name) was being at restoration and only some months ago, at the end of 2012, it opened its doors for guests. No one is able to say that this hotel has being situated there for more than 30 years because now it looks like a brand new one. Now it’s called President Hotel, has almost the most luxurious interior among other hotels in Minsk and rooms which cost begins at $300 per night.

The history of the Oktyabrskaya Hotel began in 1980 with Moscow Olympic Games, some parts of which were held in Minsk. Its location – on the crossing of Engels and Kirova streets - was chosen due to the nearby situated “Dinamo” stadium.

At that time it was a modern facility of the hotel industry, which could supply guests’ high demands and provide them with a convenient, comfortable accommodation. During next 30 years nothing had changed in the look or interior of the hotel. Only in 2010 it was decided to renovate it.

Because of its situation in the historical center of the city the five-star hotel can’t but be a popular one.  It provides the highest level of service in accordance with international standards. President hotel is a multi-purpose complex: in addition there’re restaurants, conference rooms, a SPA-center  and more. The highlight of the hotel is a presidential suite on the 10th floor of approximately 500 sq.m. with its own bar, swimming-pool and elevator. However, the renovated hotel doesn’t only offer accommodation to tourists, but also carries out activities at the state level. By the way, the leadership of "President Hotel" plans to host the World Hockey Championship guests, to be held in spring 2014 in the Belarusian capital.

The number of rooms has increased from 103 in old building to 154 in the new one. The cheapest room in the President Hotel costs $ 300 per day. No breakfast. The most expensive - the Presidential Suite - pulls on 2400 dollars per night! No doubt all rooms are luxuriously furnished and modernly equipped. The ideal service makes each guest feel as at least the President. So if you want to try such a feeling – stay for a night there, it’ll be an outstanding experience!








300/320 USD

340 USD

380 USD

480 USD

660/740 USD

2400 USD








presiden hotel building

vip zone in president hotel

circular table in president hotel

conference hall in president hotel

rooms hall president hotel

president hotel studio suite

president hotel normal suite

president hotel normal suite bathroom

president suite in president hotel minsk

president suite bedroom minsk

president suite bedroom 2

president hotel bathroom in minsk

president suite toilet

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