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Parking in Minsk: where do you leave a car?

Monday, 27 May 2013 12:05
driving laws in belarus

There’s a lack of parking spaces in Minsk – everyone knows it. The city becomes bigger, the population grows either, but at the same time there’s less space. Such situation takes place in all bid European cities but at least in Minsk there’s still a possibility to park a car if try. In the center of the city it’s problematically to find a free space during the day but in the evening it’s usually so easy and free! But on the contrary in some sleeping areas outside city center in the evening it’s almost impossible to find a parking. Most people try to park accurately, saving space for others.

All in all, there’s nothing to fear to leave a car on the street because crime rate in Minsk is low – cars are rarely stolen or smashed. But evidently those who come to Minsk at first time are afraid to leave their cars alone but fortunately there’re enough secured parkings in all parts of the city. Those that are in the center are situated near the Palace of Republic, Hotel Minsk, shopping mall “Stolitsa”, central bus and railway station and so on. On the average to leave a car on the parking in Minsk costs $3-7 / day or $0,5-1 / hour. The most expensive parking is situated on Nezavisimosti square - $2,5 / 1 hour.

Parking violation in Belarus would cost you 10-20 EUR.

Stats below describe the situation:

  • The ultimate level of motorization is 650 registered cars/1000 people living, nowadays in Minsk this proportion is 380/1000 – i.e. the potential growth of cars is still available, but they have nowhere to park;
  • Only 150,000 vehicles among 600 million registered in Minsk has its own permanent parking place;
  • Nowadays in Minsk center there’s parking for only 30% of cars;
  • All in all there’re 102 secured parking in Minsk with 27000 parking places (according to 2012 year);
  • Last year first automated parking appeared in the center of Minsk but still not every driver knows how to operate with new system.

Although there’s still a possibility to find a parking in Minsk, this problem’s exacerbated year after year and needs an urgent solution. For example, last year the fire engine couldn’t drive directly to the location of fire because of improperly parked cars along the street.Authorities promised to increase the number of parking space in Minsk during this year by 30%, now all is left for drivers – park their vehicles within green and pedestrian zones.

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