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Nezavisimosti (Independence) Avenue in Minsk

Thursday, 17 May 2012 12:30
nezavisimosti avenue

Every city has a place that is proud to be its visiting card. In Minsk such place is Nezavisimosti ave – the most famous and beloved street, a monument to the Soviet-era urban planning. The history of Nezavisimosti ave started long ago in the XVI century. During that times there were many houses of wealthy citizens, merchant stores, private workshops, restaurants and hotels. Often there held fairs, street festivities, opened new shops.

Unfortunately the avenue was almost completely destroyed during World War II with only ten buildings survived. Now the current view of Nezavisimosti avenue doesn`t coincide with the prospect before – it has become more wide and direct. But nevertheless the street remains to be historical value and people`s favorite.

Today Nezavisimosti avenue can be divided into 3 main parts. The central part is by no means the most popular tourist attraction: the buildings along the street represent a harmonious architectural ensemble and are performed in the “Stalin`s empire” style.  When Famous GUM store opened it was especially beloved by lots of tourists due to its luxurious style: huge showcases from precious wood, silk curtains on the windows, mirrors, bronze ornaments and even machines that sprayed everyone with cologne-water. Now Nezavisimosti avenue is proud to present its guests architectural monuments with complicated but interesting history. Nezavisimosti (Independence) Square, October Square with the Palace of the Republic, Officer`s House, Residence of the President, Victory Square with the eternal flame and Yakuba Kolasa Square are the must-visit place in every tourist guide. Minsk apartments on Nezavisimosti ave are especially popular among toursits.


minsk nezavisimosti avenue

nezavisimosti avenue old photo


Nezavisimosti Avenue is a must see place and the greatest architectural monument of Minsk.
Come to Minsk and walk along Nezavisimosti avenue – feel its past, present and future!

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Very beautiful photo!

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