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Garni - new hotel on Intenatsionalnaya str 11 (photo, prices)

Friday, 07 September 2012 15:12
Hotel Garni in Minsk

Minsk is still preparing for Hockey champ 2014 and today a new hotel opened its doors. Hotel Garni was opened in the same building where it was in the past (Internatsionalnaya street 11). Originally the hotel was opened in the end of 19th century. It was closed during communist soviet times. Today there are 50 rooms in the hotel. Garni hotel was renovated and decorated according to the old photos of the original hotel.

The prices start from 110 USD and go up to 320 USD per night. It's quite expensive for a 3 star hotel in Minsk. Obviously your could rent a bigger apartment in Minsk for less price but Garni Hotel has a perfect location and keeps the history of the city.


So do you like old classic style interiors?


hotel garni on Internatsionalnaya street

hotel garni reception

bedroom in garni hotel minsk

hotel garni photo minsk

bathroom in garni hotel

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