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New apartment blocks in the center of Minsk

Monday, 23 April 2012 22:09
new apartment buildings minsk

Today an apartment in an old building on the main square of Minsk would cost between $2000 and $4000 / square meter. Paying that much money you’d only get some space in the very center with limited parking, soviet style buildings (build in 1950s or 60s), no elevator and dirty entrance. Are there any alternatives? Within last few years a lot of money have been invested in new constcuction in the center of Minsk. Today we'll go through the most expensive new apartment buildings available for sale.



1. "U Troetskogo" - Storozhevskaya str. ($2.000-3.000 / sq m)

This currently constructed apartment block is located right next to the Old City on Nemiga area. It offers a variety of apartments from 73-113 sq meter (1 room apartments) to 250-500 sq meter (5 room apartments and penthouses). The price for a square meter is between 2000 USD and 3000 USD depending on the size of the flat. The largest apartments (penthouses) are already sold here for about one million dollars each! You could also get a place in the 3-storeyed underground parking. The construction will be finished in the summer 2012.

troitskoe apartments in Minsk

troitskoe new construction

new apartment blocks in minsk new apartments for sale



2. "Slavyansky kvartal" (Slavonic block) – Pobediteley ave ($2.000-3.000 / sq m)

This block is located close to Planeta Hotel and Yulileynaya Hotel in the same region. The price is 2000-3000 USD / sq m for 50-350 sq meter apartments. There is also a chance to buy a place for a store (200-700 sq meters) for the same price. The construction is almost finished by now and the largest apartments are already sold out.

slavyanski kvartal apartments minsk

slavyanski kvartal for sale


3. "Parus" (Sail) – Maksima Tanka str ($1.750 -2.200 / sq m)

Apparently it's be the highest apartment block in Minsk. It was planned as a 32-storeyed building 133 meters high. It’s located close to Frunzenskaya subway station and Korona shopping mall. The cheapest 1 room apartment (61 sq m) in that building would cost over hundred thousand USD. According to the latest news there is going to be the first in Minsk Apart-Hotel there. So hopefully you'll have a chance to rent apartment in Minsk in Parus building. The construction will be finished in a couple of months. After that there are plans to build similar blocks across the street (see the photo below).

parus business center in minsk

parus apartments in minsk


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0 #1 2012-05-23 14:35
I saw "U Troetskogo" building. The shadow covers the whole old city. It's a big one for Minsk.

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