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Nemiga street: history and modern Minsk

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 11:45

Nemiga street is not only one of the oldest streets in Minsk but also one of the most famous and beloved places in the city. Here contemporaneity harmoniously coexists with the old times. One can’t but adore restored parts of the beautiful Old city which is situated on Maksima Bogdanovicha Street nearby modern establishments of Nemiga Street which is always sprawling with people.

Aren’t you curious where the street takes its name from? Well, there used to flow a river with the same name here. And the street was founded right in the place where the river flew into another river named the Svisloch. Now the Nemiga is hidden in some water-pipes which run below the street so as to prevent it from floods which were quite common here earlier and which occasionally take place even now. It is an interesting and rather well-known fact that the history of our capital begins from the time when the Nemiga or rather the battle at the Nemiga was first mentioned in the chronicles.

Throughout the history the street was considered to be a great market place. During the Second World War there was a Jewish ghetto on the street. And now after some reconstruction works which were undertaken some 30 years ago the street still is a reminiscent of the past but now with quite a modern landscape. And sure with all its shopping centers, shops and boutiques we consider Nemiga Street to be a wonderful market place even now.

Everyone will find there something to their own satisfaction. For those who like entertainment and want to have fun there are some restaurants, clubs and a casino. We recommend you to visit “Jack Club”. Those who want some peace and quiet can cozy themselves up in one of the numerous cafes and enjoy the street view. We suggest that you should visit «Saquella Espresso Club». Shopaholics will appreciate some of the local shopping centers: all they have to do is to walk along the street! There are plenty of them here! History lovers will adore Peter and Paul church. Moreover, Trinity Suburb and the Old City are situated nearby and you will definitely like to have a look at them!


Just take the metro, get off on Nemiga station and you are already there! Of course we could offer our apartments in that area: studio apartment for a single person or 2 bedroom apartment on Nemiga street if you travel with a company! Enjoy your stay!


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