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The most exensive apartments in the world

Friday, 18 January 2013 19:38
the most expensive apartments in the world

After analyzing the proposals of the most expensive apartments in the world in 2012, experts have found that most costly property is located in Monaco, London, and Cap Ferrat (France).

First place in the rating belongs to Monaco, sovereign city state, situated on the French Riviera in Western Europe, where according to reports of London real-estate firms the price of real-estate is now an average of $58,400 per sq. meter. Thereby if you spend a million dollars on an apartment you’ll get only a 60 square meters closet without a water view.


Cap Ferrat is a seaside village in southeastern France, an average housing price there is $51,800 per sq. meter. A great many celebrities and millionaires were attracted by its wonderful scenery and now the place is graced with a number of magnificent villas.

The third most expensive locale is London with its large residential and retail trade complex One Hyde Park, in which prices are $49,000/sq. meter. The area has 86 residential properties with prices starting from $32 million.

Upscale, privately gated community in Hong-Kong is situated along the coastline and includes 535 townhouses which cost $47,500/sq. meter. Then it’s followed by

Courcheval, world-class ski resort in French Alps with average housing price $44,000/sq. meter.

Switzerland is presented in the rating with three cities: St. Moritz ($42,600/sq. meter), Gstaad ($39,900/sq. meter) and Geneva (&31,500/sq. meter).

The list of cities with most expensive real-estate also includes Moscow, New York, St. Tropez, Toronto, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris.

For comparison: an average price for a square meter in Minsk is $1300-1400. Considering that it is a developing, beautiful, quiet and safe city, sometimes there is no need to pay wild sums of money to move to expensive cities but stay here.

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