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Tourist opinion – the image of modern Minsk

Sunday, 30 September 2012 13:36
the image of Minsk by tourists

Visiting any city for the first time would definitely bring new emotions. Some tourists shared their first impressions about Minsk with us. In fact they are absolutely different people, who are occupied in various and not similar spheres of life. We got the tourists’ opinions about the most beautiful places of our capital and received some suggestions how to make it look better.

One of the tourists says that his most favorite places in Minsk are those where the remains of the old city can be observed. For example, Nemiga str, Lenina str or Nezavisimosti avenue, which are situated not far from the contemporary city center. He points out that the high-tech buildings in Minsk, the number of which is getting bigger year by year, can greatly damage the image of the city. Like it happened to Moscow.

The image of Minsk is pretty good in general. There are so many flowers and trees around the city. In spite of this, there is a lack of festivals, international exhibitions, concerts of world-famous celebrities. The street-art and street-music are hardly observed in the city, which makes Minsk rather boring and plain. In Europe it is a common practice to go for a walk in the city and enjoy street musicians playing various kinds of music.

Many tourists point out that the first thing that comes to their mind when they think about Minsk is that it is clean and safe. Having a walk in the evening in the streets of Minsk is really secure, and the absence of garbage in the streets is really pleasing for the eye.

The purpose of our little project is to find out what are the strong points and the weak points of Minsk. Maybe after it activists and enthusiasts will take more effort in making our city look better. And as a result, our capital will attract more and more people from all over the world!

Feel free to share your opinion about Minsk with everyone by sending it to us!

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0 #1 Khalil 2012-10-01 14:41
We visited Minsk on September 2011 and we were very excited to see the city as we thought that it still has the soviet era reflection. My cousin and me, we were astonished to see the downtown after the face lifting like modern cities, but we could see some soviet monuments over the streets like the Pobedi monument, the Island of Tears, the old Metro, the cathedrals and many other places. The place is not expensive due to the Belarusian crisis but the entertainment in Minsk is limited to few places. SHAYBA night club was our daily evening places since some other places didn't accept the outsiders, especially dark hair people, even though we are Christians and we are proud to be. So the entertainment places were very limited, restaurants are medium to cheap, long lines on McDonalds since i believe i is the cheapest place for Belarusian youth to have their lunch and dinner meals.

Hotels are very limited in Minsk, we encourage building some 3 and 4 stars hotels since the chain hotel like Europe and Holiday inn i believe are very expensive.

In the evening, you meet a lot of ladies on the streets, very beautiful to invite them for dinner or lunch, but they want to stay with you and you will pay them food, beverages, taxi, entertainment and if you refuse to do so you will meet the same lady in the same place at another table near your table, trying to play around again with another black hair person, mainly from Arab background, as they are known to be rich.

As per our experience, we loved the country very much, the food and the people, even though not a lot of contacts were made between us. we urge to make some more entertainment places, festivals and exhibitions during the summer period. Will i come back again to Minsk, for sure i will and many times!

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