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Minsk turns 946 y.o. this Saturday on 14th of September

Saturday, 14 September 2013 16:43
Minsk foundation day

Everyone knows that Minsk is a capital city in Belarus, but not many tourists know that it’s really an old city with long and interesting history. Minsk was found in 1067, and it was a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania after that a part of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and at last a part of The Russian Empire.

Now every second Saturday of September people celebrate the foundation day. All city regions and the central area turn into a real festival. You can see many people walking, dancing, drinking and singing in the streets.  Main entertaining events last from 12:00 till 23:00. The main scenes are located around Nezavisimosti avenue, Pobediteley avenue, Karla Marksa street, city parks and concert halls. The 14th of September is a perfect time to buy local handmade souvenirs. The safety is protected by a number of police units.

Obviously every person has he’s own feelings about Minsk, but many people agree that Minsk is a clean and nice city with friendly people and easy quiet life.

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