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How to live in Belarus with $500 / month

Sunday, 06 January 2013 16:23
how to survive for 500 dollar in Belarus

It was about two years ago when Belarusian economy faced with one of the most wasting crises in its history. No doubt devaluation of national currency influenced people’s wages. During these two years Belarusian’s salary has increased to about 500 USD per month, but in comparison with prices it’s enough for only one person’s average living.

Financial facility is an individual question, because someone can survive with 200$ per month but for others 1000$ isn’t enough. No doubt it depends on one’s needs, but higher are people’s wages – more they need and want. In Belarus if one have to live with 500$ a month it’s necessary to refuse from many pleasures such as expensive clothes, regular trips to other countries, visiting restaurants and so on.

Let's see if it’s possible to survive for 500$ budget. If you have a place to live in (with parents or in the hostel), there's no need to pay about 300$ for an apartment rent. But nevertheless it's necessary to pay the bills and a list of other payments:

  1. Municipal payments (water, electricity, heating) that vary from 20 to 40$ per month. Keep in mind that the government is currently compensating the best part of those fees, that’s why it’s so cheap.
  2. Don't forget to pay for internet and cell-phone: 20-30$.
  3. An average citizen in Belarus spends on food about 120-200$ per month. It is preferable to buy food in markets or on discounts. Of course you would not afford a lot of meat, fruits and vegetables.
  4. In case of using public transport be ready to pay for it 10-20$ every month.
  5. Buying only necessary not expensive clothes you will spend about 800-1000$ a year or 70-80$ a month.
  6. Entertainment: visiting a cafe, bar, theatre, cinema at least once a week, would cost 50-70$ per month. An average Belarusian would not visit high level restaurants or clubs.

Well, after we have paid for the most necessary things 300-450$, there's left some money for extra payments, savings or paying for credits. So, as it's seen above, one can live with a 500$ budget, spending it on the most important needs and even making some savings. But traveling or buying a car or an apartment is almost impossible. One question is left: is this life or just survival?

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0 #1 2 to 3 bed room app 2013-01-22 18:15
I am looking to bay an apparent in the city of Belarus
0 #2 SAVL 2013-12-08 18:27
People live in Belarus well. 500 - $ there you can live quite well, if your sore ego does not require cool car or clothes. Pensions are higher there. There is no unemployment. There are free medical assistance. Free education. Cheap housing. No poor. There are government subsidies for domestic sphere workers (resorts, sanatoriums, health resorts) In stores no questionable products. Products only natural. No advertising. The people there are very friendly. There are no people who make a lot of money at the expense of others. No criminals, perverts and lazy people. The people there do not talking about different things. There сострадают, rejoice, help each other as members of one family. This is the only place on earth - almost Paradise. An alternative to capitalism. Else is a lie. It is beneficial for cash rulers of the world order.

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