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Houses for sale in Minsk, Belarus.

Thursday, 22 December 2011 15:23

There are more than 300 houses for sale in Minsk and Minsk region.
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houses for sale in minsk

The real estate market in Belarus develops rapidly. Today it offers many opportunities despite of the financial crisis influence. Belarusian estate market analysis shows that in the short term there have been significant changes: property prices (purchase and sale, rent) in Belarus are off. The fall in demand and increase in supply is being observed. In such a way more are more foreigners want to buy property in Belarus and Minsk. There is no limit in foreign ownership of houses in Minsk. But you need to bare in mind 2 significant points of the house-buying process in Belarus:

1. You need your passport with registration to purchase a house.
2. According to the national legislation of the Republic of Belarus land is not for sale, foreigners can buy houses and rent the land plots on which the acquired property is located for maximum 99 years (the Land Code of the Republic of Belarus, 4 January 2003).


You have decided to purchase a house in Minsk, but what is next? It is tempting to buy the first one you like the look of. But there are plenty of things you need to think about and do before you will find the house of your dream. The process of choosing is long and sometimes complicated, you need to deal with lawyers, find a qualified real estate agent whom you can trust, spend your time, nerves and money on it.
Think carefully about the money matters. How much are you ready to spend on the house in Minsk? And what kind of house do you need: a full-packed with all necessary inside and outside or a nearly finished one. In the second case you need to consult someone who can value the approximate cost of design and decoration. A ready house in Minsk costs from $150.000 to $2.000.000. Bear in mind that you can get a discount if you pay the full price at once.

house for sale in minsk

House space: 457 m2
The land: 2400 m2
Location: Minsk, 8 km to the center
The year of construction: 2003
$700 000

buying villa house in Belarus

House space: 323 m2
The land: 1600 m2
Location: Minsk, 12 km to the center
The year of construction: 2008
$500 000

property for sale in minsk

House space: 276 m2
The land: 500 m2
Location: Minsk, 6 km to the center
The year of construction: 2007
$300 000

minsk cottages to buy

House space: 144 m2
The land: 800 m2
Location: Minsk area, 13 km to the center
The year of construction: 2008
$180 000


Investment into estate property is one of the most reliable and profitable forms of bargains. We offer professional service with house purchasing in Minsk according to the individual requests of our clients. Contact us for more info!

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0 #1 Mr Clement Kofi Huma 2012-11-26 23:24
Dear Seller,
I need a good and safe property for purchase for my family\'s personal use.

This could be located in any country that is deemed a safe haven for a political figure like myself. I want this transaction to be conducted under a very strict confidentiality due to my position as a minister and public office holder here in my country,Republi c of Ghana.

When I have your positive response,I will give approval to my trusted agent to deal and negotiate with you accordingly because my name must not be connected on any document related to this purchase in any form as you are well aware of.
Mr Clement Kofi Humado

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