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Are there any hostels in Minsk?

Thursday, 13 September 2012 08:40
hostels in minsk

What is a modern hostel actually? It is a budget accommodation which provides you with a couch (not a separate room), shower, kitchen, where you can cook for yourself and use a free wi-fi. What makes hostels popular with tourists is that such places not only provide you with a bed, but there is always a great opportunity to get to know new people and in most cases there are rooms with different kinds of entertainment like billiards. Before 2012 year tourists with the limited amount of money, who could not afford hotels of Minsk, had the opportunity to live in the hostel Postoyalets, the only hostel at that time.

Now we are happy to admit that a new Minsk hostel Jazz has opened its doors to tourists. It's really great news, because the presence of comparably cheap hostels is a symbol of a modern city. International students, musicians, actors and just ordinary tourists can now spend a night in hostel Jazz paying just 10 euro per night, which is even lower than in other European countries. As it turned out, the newly opened hostel in Minsk immediately became very popular with the international tourists. As the director points out: "We want out hostel to be not just a place where you can spend a night, but also a place of cultural exchange". Nowadays we can see the growing tendency of the development of the hostel industry. We hope that more hostels will soon open in Minsk, providing cheap accommodation, positive emotions and a new circle of friends for people. Unfortunately all Minsk hostel are located quite far away from center..


Hostel Jazz in Minsk:

hostel jazz in minsk dormitory

hostel jazz in minsk

hostel jazz common room


Postoyalets hostel in Minsk:

posoyalets hostel in minsk dormitory

postoyalets hostel in minsk

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