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Flooded streets in Minsk - 19th July 2012 (photo)

Friday, 20 July 2012 16:04
flooded streets in Minsk

Almost every year there is one rainy day that brings a lot of trouble for people in Minsk. Just a week ago the temperature was rising over 30˚C. Finally yesterday on the 19th of July there was almost a half of monthly ration of rain. Over 10 streets were flooded, a number of cars were damaged with water and dozens lost their number plates. Luckily the rain was over within a few hours and the life in Minsk is now in order.



flooded pushkina ave in minsk

komarovka 19.07.2012

water damaged cars

big rain in minsk

flooded streets in minsk

flooded park in minsk

couple walking in the water

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