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Buying a small studio apartment in Minsk

Tuesday, 09 October 2012 22:08
buying studio flat in minsk

The problem of buying an apartment is really complicated for young people. The newlyweds, young people striving for independence want to have their own property and not to live with their family. Unfortunately, in most cases they cannot afford any realty, because the prices are really high. Today Belarusian architectures suggest a solution of the problem.

Small apartments, which total area is 25-30 square meters, can really be a way out. The idea is that room and kitchen are united in one space. This type of flats is cheap and available, though without any design inventiveness. The suggestion to offer a principally new type of apartments is rather new, so there are very few such buildings in Minsk now. The average price for a square meter is $1000-1300, which is considerably low.

At the moment the problem is that the government cannot build a lot of houses with such flats as it is not profitable for them. But as long as the number of this type of apartments is low and the demand for them is high, the prices may be higher than expected. So, there is still a lot to be done in this field.

The suggestion of principally new type of apartments coincides with the policy of the government for the period 2013—2015. The main idea is to provide people with their own property at comparably low prices. For the young people or couples it's a nice chance to start their own independent life.


So, would you like to get a cozy studio in the center of Minsk?

studio apartments in minsk

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