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Buying apartment in the very center of Minsk

Thursday, 22 August 2013 12:35
buying apartment in minsk center

Many people ask us about the real prices of the apartments that we offer for rent. Of course the price of apartment in the very center is always bigger than average. The average price for an apartment in Minsk is about 1700-1800 USD per square meter. For that money your could get an ordinary flat built 20-40 years ago without modern renovation. Minsk apartments in center on Nezavisimosti avenue or Lenina street would start from 3000 USD per square meter. For the apartments in ceneter with luxury renovation the price could go up to 4000-5000 / square meter. It means that a small renovated studio flat in the very center could cost you 150 000 USD. The most expensive flats are usually located on Nezavisimosty avenue, Karla Marksa street, Lenina street, Internatsionalnaya street, Komsomolskaya street, Kirova street.


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